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About Us

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The leaders of A Plus Mortgage Co, Inc. possess over 40 years of mortgage loan origination experience, while successfully lending during several transitional economic times. A Plus Mortgage Co, Inc. has provided financing to thousands of borrowers with different needs and a wide variety of borrowing situations from the lowest FICO scores to the highest FICO scores. A Plus Mortgage Co, Inc. will seamlessly guide and close your mortgage loans on your primary, secondary, or investment properties, while providing the greatest customer service with modern day financing products and programs to fit your real estate needs.

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About Us

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We offer a wide range of home mortgage loans, each designed to meet the individual needs of each borrower. No matter if you need a loan to purchase a house or refinance your existing loan, we can help. Our loan officers are ready and available to assist you in any aspect of your home financing. Every borrower has different home financing needs. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. In fact, most loans do not close. There are many mortgage lenders that we can use to help us find the right match quicker. This can be done quickly after our initial interview, which also includes the completion of a loan application.


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We offer a range of home mortgage loan products, all designed individually to match the borrower’s profile and mortgage loan needs. Whether you’re looking for a home purchase loan or a rate/term refinance loan, we have you covered. Our Loan Officer are available and ready to show you why we are known for A+ Customer Service in all your home financing.

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we believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client. Each borrower has their own unique home financing desires. One-size-fits-all approaches will never work and most of the time result in a failure or in other words the loan does NOT close. We have several different mortgage lenders which allow us to easily find the appropriate match faster. This is accomplished quickly upon our initial interview which includes the taking of a full loan application.

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